If you are curious about the Open Internet, the FCC Has a complete web page with all the latest information.

Here is the link.


FCC Commissioners are taking their personal opinions on “Net Neutrality” to the public in the form of testimony before U.S. House of representatives Committee on the Judiciary hearing on “Wrecking the internet to save it?” Following are links to the printed versions of their testimony. They make for very interesting reading. (Links for both the Word and PDF formats are below.)

Chairman Tom Wheeler defends the recent Commissioners decision at:

Commissioner Ajit Pai takes the opposing view and testifies his his opinion and fears.


800 MHZ BAND BETWEEN 809-817/854-862 MHZ

WP Docket No. 15-32

 Comments Due:  May 11, 2015

Reply Comments Due:  May 26, 2015

On February 9, 2015, the Commission released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in WP Docket No. 15-32 seeking comment on proposals to amend the Commission’s rules in order to promote spectrum efficiency and flexibility in the 800 MHz Mid-Band (809-817/854-862 MHz).  The 800 MHz Interstitial NPRM set deadlines for filing comments and reply comments at 45 and 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

On March 25, 2015, the Office of the Federal Register published a summary of the 800 MHz Interstitial NPRM and associated comment and reply comment dates.  Accordingly, comments must be filed on or before May 11, 2015; and reply comments must be filed on or before May 26, 2015.   The 800 MHz Interstitial NPRM sets forth the comment filing instructions.

For further information regarding these proceedings, contact John A. Evanoff, Attorney-Advisor, Policy and Licensing Division, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, at (202) 418-0848 or via email: John.Evanoff@fcc.gov or Rodney P. Conway, Engineer, Mobility Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, at (202) 418-2904 or via email: Rodney.Conway@fcc.gov.


Creation of Interstitial 12.5 kHz Channels in the 800 MHz Band Between 809-817/854-862 MHz, WP Docket No. 15-32, Notice of Proposed Rule Making, FCC 15-17 (2015) amended by Erratum March 10, 2015 (800 MHz Interstitial NPRM).


See 80 Fed. Reg. 15723 (Mar. 25, 2015). 


Licensees will now be notified by the FCC of a link
to use to obtain their official license electronically.

Going forward ALL applications MUST
have a valid Company Email address (Application
form 601, Box #26). The FCC is transitioning
away from issuing paper licenses. When the
license is granted the FCC will send to the email
address an advisory of the call sign and grant date.
There will be instructions to follow the link in
order to obtain the OFFICIAL license document.
The link is unique to the newly granted license
and will expire in 30 days.

FIT strongly advises applicants to provide a
CORPORATE/Office email address for Box #26 instead
of one an address to a particular individual if possible.
People have a habit of moving on, if the FCC Email is
undeliverable then vital licensing activities or renewals
may be overlooked. Subsequent OFFICIAL license
documents will only be available to the licensee by
logging on to the ULS system and providing both their
FRN number and Password.

This is a very significant “Modernization” of FCC
licensing. All licensees need to understand the the
importance of maintaining their FRN Registration
information and keeping their in a safe place.

Licensees have a year to construct their facilities and must notify the Commission when the system has been built. Rules exist to allow for slow growth or extensions of the deadlines, but proper procedures must be followed.  The city of Springfield, MO. learned this the hard way when they failed to follow the proper steps…the FCC says their license is cancelled.  HERE is a link to the FCC’s decision on this matter.

The FCC’s new Website at  http://my.fcc.gov/  is drawing complaints from users about it being harder to navigate and find information than ever before.   Although the old web site was sometimes difficult to navigate, the new system is much more difficult according to many, especially Attorneys and other frequent users  (FIT agrees).   Amid all the chaos, the person responsible for the “upgrade”, Managing Director Steve VanRoekel maintains that all the tools to make it better and more user friendly are not yet available, OH…and he is going to leave for a new job to join USAID.  The Hill has a story on this saga…HERE.

Timely filed license renewals are important and the FCC is less and less inclined to give a licensee a break, as is evidenced by their handling of Hawaiian Electric Company’s Waiver Request for a late filed renewal. The licensee inadvertently overlooked the filing deadline, asked the FCC to grant their late filed request and was firmly rebuked.   You can read the details in this determination letter from the FCC.  The link is found HERE.

The owner of a 77 Meter tower inTexas has been served with a Notice of Aparent Liability in the amount of $25,000 for failure to properly display the Antena Structure Registration Number in a conspicuous place and notify the FAA of a tower Lighting outasge.  The Circumstances and details can be found at this FCC  Public Notice .

Details of the January 26 FCC workshop on Narrowbanding have been released and are available HERE.  The workshop will be held from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM and advanced registratin is required for attendees.  However, the event will be presented live  on line over the internet.  Details of the internet are available at the FCC Public Notice released January 14.

The Enforcement Bureau issued a Noice of Apparent Liability to a Pensylvania Tower Leasing company in the amount of $4,000 for operating at an unauthorized location.  FCC Field Agents ARE out there and active, let this serve as a warning to be sure your license is up to date.  You can read details HERE.

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