Forest Industries Telecommunications

Forest Industries Telecommunications

License Advisory


You can track the progress of your application by reviewing the various stages below.

  • Pre-coordination– Make sure to provide all the relevant information. Applicant name, mailing address, phone, contact nformation, FRN and Password (New licensees that do not have an FRN, please provide the federal tax id number / EIN). **Note: The FCC will no longer automatically send out paper copies of your radio station authorization by mail. Instead, the Commission will email a link to your official license copy. A valid email address is required.**

  • Billing and Invoicing – Once your information has been confirmed the application will progress to the billing phase. It is the policy of our Board of Directors that all relevant fees be paid prior to final submission of application to the FCC.

  • Coordination – FIT is required by the FCC to process applications in the order in which they are received. During this phase the coordinator will select frequencies and perform all necessary technical checks. This may include preparing additional studies and exhibits that might be necessary to facilitate the grant of the applicants license. The coordinator will then email a copy of the application for review and approval. Please respond within seven business days.

  • Pending – The Commission will issue a pending file number for each application it accepts for processing. Pursuant to 90.159 most applicants may operate on a temporary basis ten business after the file number is assigned (Stations that require approval from Canada will not be allowed to operate on a temporary basis).

  • License Grant – During this phase the FCC will email the licensee a link to the “Official License Copy” **Note: the link will only be valid for 30 days**  If you need to request a paper copy you can log into the FCC’s website using your FRN and password.

  • Notification – New licensees are required to report the operational status of their license. This was likely included in FIT’s service fees. However, this is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Contact us to let us know when you commence operation. Failure to do so could result in the termination of your radio station authorization. You can file your notice by visiting the FCC’s ULS website here: or at FIT’s website